Ambulance Driver Cited For Careless Driving In Accident That Killed A Tampa Man

Ambulance driver Justin McKenzie has been charged with careless driving for causing an accident that led to the death of 64-year-old Jerold Hager. The accident took place on Busch Boulevard just after 9:30 p.m. Monday evening. According to an article, McKenzie was trying to maneuver around stopped traffic and hit Hager head on sending the man to the hospital where he somewhat unexpectedly died of his injuries Tuesday morning.

Hager was driving his two grandsons home from Boy Scouts when the traffic accident occurred. Neither of the children suffered serious injuries. The story says that neither vehicle was speeding at the time of the crash and that McKenzie has a clean criminal history outside of a 2000 traffic ticket for speeding.

A Traffic citation in Florida for a seat belt violation carries a $116 fine and in recent years the Florida legislature has increased law enforcement’s authority to ticket seat belt violators. Seat belt violations are now a primary offense meaning you can be pulled over for that violation alone. In the past a driver had to be committing another infraction like speeding or reckless driving and then that person could be ticketed if they were not wearing a seat belt.