Careless Driving Leads To Truck Hitting Manatee School Bus And Injuring A Student

The 51-year-old driver of a box truck has been charged with careless driving and driving a commercial vehicle without the correct license after he crashed into a Manatee County school bus. One student was taken to the hospital as was the driver of the box truck who caused the traffic accident, John E. Morgan. The accident took place as the school bus was on its way to Haile Middle School.

According to the story on the Sarasota Herald Tribune website, the bus was stopped picking up a girl when the truck rammed into the rear of the bus. The 12-year-old boarding the bus was struck by the door as the bus was pushed 45 feet forward due to the impact. Morgan claimed his brakes failed but the Florida Highway Patrol determined the brakes were fine following an investigation.

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